A comes into the world through a head
B has a spear, whose point is of lead
C knows the future, though no one believes
D lost her daughter, and every year grieves
E can only repeat what she hears
F first spins, then measures, then shears
G turns men to stone with a sight
H has golden sandals of flight
I wore wings with wax as glue
J crossed a river, and lost there a shoe
K sits on shoulders, and acts as a guide
L kills children, as most of hers died
M was abandoned, one day, by his wife
N loves his reflection the rest of his life.
O survived hell, on his skill with a lyre
P is the one who gave us all fire
Q, with his brother, founded a city
R saved the life of her son, out of pity
S gives a riddle to all passers-by
T canít reach food, and his mouth must stay dry
U is a soldier, who returns to his wife
V had been killed, and given new life
W killed his love, while his love was at sport
X is a horse with sad news to report
Y is a mercenary, sent for a bow
And Z is the King of all that we know.