The beginning of the World Superhero Organisation

A few months after I wrote and drew WSO #97, I came upon a stack of old papers, character designs for the WSO team. They must have been done about two years ago, and at that time, I clearly didn't know what would set the WSO apart from any other super-hero team.

The art style in which these are drawn, is my main art style. I like that the finished WSO product, how ever, uses a much different style than my normal one. It was actually the first time I'd ever really drawn like that, but it was a necessary part of completing in time for Magpie submission (which if I remember, it was still after the dead-line that I submitted it).

So here are those original, but ultimately uninfluential drawings. Some things about them I like, and would incorporate in a second WSO story, but mostly I'm happier with what appears in WSO #97.

These are some pictures of the Speck, who in the original concept was to be the main character. A few shots of his face, and one of his symbol.

The Upper-left shot is a full-body Speck; the Upper-right is supposed to be scientist Dennis Darling (The Speck's alter Ego) looking through a solution.

A few shots of Flying Hook Man and his symbol.

Dr. Mord was in the original concept to be the one who killed Psi-Ram/Ron. The skull-thing on the far right is, I believe, supposed to be some sort of Mord-themed electronic henchman.

I was never happy with this design of Spector, but I really like that Lady Coldwell.