Old Stuff

Welcome to the Archive page

This is a site where I can display all the interesting (and some times good) things I wrote five or more years ago, without having them influence people's ideas on my current writing ability.

The Peculiarities of Love (short story, 2001)

Death by Committee (short story, 2001)

Put Out (pome, 2001)

Together on the Roof (Second Version) (short story, 2001)

blood (short story, 2000)

Bouncing (pome, 2000)

CD (pome, 2000)

The Steps of Love as I understand them in September 1997 (pome, 2000)

untitled (short story, 1999)

Un bouddhiste dans la métro (short story, 1999)

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit (pome, 1999)

Pressing my Uniform (pome, 1999)

Brook: The Movie (script, 1998)

Grey Hour (comic, 1998)

The Knife on the Bedside Table (short story, 1998)

The Landmark (short story, 1998)

What does the Mirror-Image do when I close my eyes? (short story, 1998)

Headlines (short story, 1997)

Stiff Patrol (short story, 1994)

Dwarvish Death (pome, 1990)